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Unleashing the Impact: How Dynamic Digital Video Art Can Persuade and Captivate

Updated: Mar 12

Displays oil brush strokes

One tranquil evening, as I immersed myself in the strokes of my paintbrush, a profound thought came to my mind: 'Brush strokes make a bold statement.' Yes, indeed! 'Brush Strokes make a Bold Statement.'

And then, my creativity took a playful leap:

"They say ‘Pen is mightier than the Sword’

However, Brush Strokes make a bold statement!"

In recent years, I've found joy in narrating the genesis of my paintings, a flair for storytelling kindled during open-minded dinner conversations with my husband. He shared tales of his movie scripts and spun comical yarns about everyday incidents. Now, the power of storytelling extends beyond my static paintings. Through dynamic video art, I weave narratives, editing my static painting photos  with the ebb and flow of music, creating a powerful, dynamic digital video art.

As a teacher, I recognize the profound impact visuals have on a learner's mind – a tool to captivate attention. Simultaneously, my experiences as an artist, particularly crafting theatrical-themed artworks, have unleashed a latent storyteller within me.

The evolution of a painting idea often triggers childhood memories or real-life episodes, leading the solitary passion of painting to explore uncharted realms of imagination. This journey led me to a compelling urge to create silhouette paintings on small canvases. I grabbed a few small canvases lying around in my studio and painted one silhouette theme after another.

I then weaved a message around these artworks and penned this limerick -

"Don’t wait for a perfect man, there are none.

Don’t look for a perfect woman, you only make one.

In my opinion, we need a companion,

Everything perfect is all under the sun!"

These lines provided the connection and meaning I sought for my paintings. Inspired, I embarked on the creation of video art, seamlessly blending visuals with the rhythmic heartbeat of popular music using Adobe Premiere. Surprisingly, despite no formal study in music, an unspoken connection allows me to intuitively select and edit music, ensuring the audience grasps the visual meaning effortlessly.

One of my friends inquired whether I had also studied music. Never have I delved into that realm. Yet, there exists an enigmatic connection that effortlessly unveils the essence of the concept behind my paintings when I synchronize popular music with video editing in Adobe Premiere. I possess an innate ability to select the perfect music and seamlessly integrate it to convey the visual message, easily comprehensible to the audience.

During my leisure hours, I indulge in perusing magazines and picturesque travel publications, seeking inspiration for my artwork. It was during one such exploration that I stumbled upon a captivating image: a distinguished elderly gentleman, gracefully holding a wine glass in a black and white photograph. In that moment, a spark ignited within me as I envisioned the potent combination of black, white, and red - the allure of red wine and the iconic imagery of a lady in red. The idea was too enticing to resist; it demanded transformation onto canvas. Thus, the inaugural piece of my "Wine & Women" series was born.

Eager to expand upon this theme, I turned to the internet in search of male models. It was then that I chanced upon a striking image of Pierce Brosnan. His pose exuded a poignant reminiscence, perfectly poised for one lost in memories of a past lover. With the simple addition of a wine glass and the imagined presence of the lady in red reflected within it, two more paintings took shape, each capturing the essence of the narrative I sought to convey.

While the paintings themselves convey the essence of my vision, the true magic unfolds when paired with music in the creation of video art. The result is a delightful experience that resonates with a broad audience, evoking smiles and nods of understanding from viewers who find the portrayal relatable. I invite you to witness this synergy first hand - watch, and see for yourself the joy it brings!

Recently, there has been a noticeable surge in AI-generated artworks, prompting questions about whether it will eventually replace an artist's imaginative power. While pondering this question, I find myself leaning towards a resounding "No." Although AI technology has advanced significantly, requiring me to input my creative thoughts either verbally or through sample sketches, it ultimately lacks the innate human touch necessary for true artistic expression.

Artistically speaking, AI-generated creative images still heavily rely on human imagination. Even when soliciting input from predominantly inartistic clients, who may describe their vision in words for AI interpretation, there's often a need for adjustments and refinements. Invariably, clients will request modifications such as adding elements, rearranging compositions, or altering color tones. From the perspective of a designer, it's evident that human clients will always have nuanced changes in mind.

However, AI does offer the advantage of providing multiple design options efficiently, without the frustration typically associated with revisions. Despite its capabilities, the collaborative relationship between human creativity and AI innovation remains essential in the artistic process, ensuring that the final artwork reflects a harmonious blend of both elements.

using tablet and pen to sketch a digital artwork

 I've come to the realization that while brush strokes can certainly make a bold statement, the digital pen remains unequivocally powerful! With its ability to provide me with an almost infinite canvas, coupled with the precision and versatility of a digital tablet and pen, I am empowered to create artworks of highly imaginative and theatrical proportions.

Author: Sushobha Jenner

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