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Welcome to the world of mural art! Artist Sushobha Jenner delights us with her stunning murals and larger than life size paintings that decorate public and private spaces. From the Congregational Church of New Canaan to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center and schools, Sushobha's incredible works of art grace these special places, as well as the homes of private collectors.


Sushobha's latest artistic passion is to produce dynamic digital art / videos which enables clients to visualize the painting on screen before it is painted onto a wall or canvas.

Sushobha's artistic endeavors emerge from her formative years in India with its rich heritage and culture, then, influenced by the multicultural ethos of the United States of  America especially the Latin American and African American people with their rich cultural and dance expressions.

In recent years she has progressively developed artworks that call for the participation of the audience, essentially producing dynamic digital media clips / videos which blend her divergent artistic talents ranging from the traditional oil and acrylic painting to multimedia digital art.  


Sushobha's latest assignment was to lead the live public mural painting of the "Celebrating our Nation" artwork on a 18x 8 feet canvas, June 25-27 event at the Newly modernized Martin Luther King Jr. Library, Washington DC. This will support veteran, military, and family member artists journey 'From Conflict to Creativity' Through the Arts! An event hosted at the Library of Congress by This unique traveling mural is currently hanging at the Reagan National Airport in DC.

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